Day 5. Kimokap party!

Ohh! Último día del saraito costuril!! Con lo bien que lo hemos pasado! Espero que os esté resulatando fácil y ameno este cose conmigo!! Para mi está siendo una experiencia increíble. Ver la amabilidad y la voluntad de la gente por ayudar. Pensar en estos pequeños valientes que por poco que sea espero que sea una manera de apoyarlos y de ayudar. Y lo mejor de todo, vivir esta experiencia con Rebeca de Marujadas de Peluchona y descubrir a una gran persona y a mi alma gemela costuril! 🙂 Gracias Rebeca por dejarme compartir todo esto! 😉 y muchas gracias a todos por hacer todo esto posible!!

Hoy empaquetamos y os explicamos algunos detalles! Como siempre si quereis verlo en castellano clicad AQUÍ!

We arrived at the end of this kimo-kap party! We will see how to wrap the kimo-kap and prepare it to deliver it to the delegation of your choice.

For this we will need transparent cellophane bags with adhesive closure of  approximately 15×20 cmNow fold the kimo-kap so that it looks nice inside this bag. Look at how I folded it. As a tip, have the bag next to it for reference, so you do not have to bend and unfold in trial-error mode until you find the measurement to fit correctly.

Fold the top and then the side. Fold the strip and place it on the side that we just folded. We do the same with the opposite side

Now bend from top to bottom. In this way, once folded, the inner face of the kimo-kap can be seen. Put the kimo-kap inside the bag. Download tajetas-kimokap to put in each bag this card. It is very important to do it because it indicates the size, so it will be easier to distribute them correctly.
And we have our kimo-kap ready to deliver.  There is also posible to put some drawings, with messages of encouragement, kind words, colorful, hopeful, close stroke, enthusiasts … 

Once you have everything done, I recommend that you contact the delegation of your choice.  They will explain how to get your kimokaps to arrive as there are locations where they have shops that serve as collection point and maybe you do not need to send by mail.

Finally just a brief review of the most important points:
• Fabrics must be 100% cotton.
Wash fabrics before cutting
• Choose the prints according to the size of kimo-kap that you are going to make so that the more infantile prints are used for the smaller sizes
• Pattern already includes seam allowance.
• Put each kimo-kap in a cellophane sachet with adhesive closure.
• Put in each bag a card indicating the size of the kimo-kap.

And remember to send us a photo of each kimo-kap that you make to and to to get participations for 6 prizes we have!! We have also 2 prizes for everyone who donate fabric to sew kimo-kaps!

I shouls just say a big big THANK YOU to everyone who has help us in this sew along. First to Kimo-Kap organization for this great idea. Also to everyone who is sewing kimokaps. And finally to the shops who has helped us with its fabrics or discounts: Mimidae, Naturtelas, Coser Cosas and Calaix de l’Avia.

Thanks everyone and see you soon! 🙂

Remember … if you want to show your “making of” in the social media, you can use the hashtags #kimokapparty #coseconmigosolidario #costurasolidaria #cumpleblog #saraitocosturil and tag us @doctorabotones @marujadasdepeluchona @kimokap



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