Day 4. Kimokap party!

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And finally the time has come that you were waiting so long: today we will sew kimokaps!!!!! So prepare needle, thread, scissors and iron (yes, the iron is necessary in this case so prepare it, oops! lol ).

Yesterday we prepared the 4 pieces to be able to make each kimo-kap. In my case, I used to cut one of each size, so I have 12 pieces on the table (2 ovals and 2 strips per bandana and carving).


If you followed yesterday’s instructions, you should have notches on the middle of the strip and the middle and sides of each oval (the orange marks on these photos):


We will start with the plain fabric, in this case the green on. To do it we will have to put right sides together. We will match the mark that we made and that indicates the center or half of the oval, with the mark that indicates the center or half of the strip.


The you must pin it to the right and left of this point until you reached the next mark you have on each side of the oval.


We do the same with the printed fabric pieces.


Once this is done, it is time to turn on the sewing machine. As I said, the pattern already includes a 0.5cm seam allowance. We started sewing with a straight stitch just in one of the lateral marks that we had marked in the oval and we will finish exactly where we have marked the other one. And do the same with the printed fabric.



Next step is to iron by opening this seam so the seam is flat and does not bulge when we join the both layers. You know that we are sewing for children with a very sensitive head, so we will make this kimo-kap very very very very comfortable.


We will join the two pieces we have created with RST. I recommend you start joining by the mark of the center of the strip, this way you will match the two pieces perfectly. Pin it all around but leave a little piece without sewing.

Now you should make small cuts all around, especially in the curved areas of both the oval and the strip. These cuts are going to allow that when turning the fabric does not make it tight and therefore we have perfect curves and totally flat seams.


We turn it to the right side, iron it and sew it with straight stitch all around, close to the edge.


And we have finished the kimokap!! Look how nice it look!! 🙂


Tomorrow we have our last appointment in which I will explain how we wrap kimo-kaps and another very very nice way to participate in this project! Remember … if you want to show your “making of” in the social media, you can use the hashtags #kimokapparty #coseconmigosolidario #costurasolidaria #cumpleblog #saraitocosturil and tag us @doctorabotones @marujadasdepeluchona @kimokap






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