Day 3. Kimokap party!

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We ar onthe third day of this solidarity sew along! We hope that you haven’t had any difficulty and that you are enjoying the sewing process!

We already explained how the fabrics should be, but just in case you missed it, you can read it here.

We remember you the measurements of the pieces, but keep in mind that these measures are those of the finished pieces, so you must add a couple of centimeters in each one of them when calculating the amount of fabric needed:

-Small size: oval 32 x 26 cm / strip 80 x 6 cm
-Medium size: oval 36×28 cm / strip 88 x 6 cm
-Large size: 40×30 cm / strip 96 x 6 cm

You should use the pattern as a reference, but with 75 cm of plain fabric and 75 cm of printed fabric you can sew 3 kimo-kaps, one of each size.

After the instructions of yesterday you must have these 6 pieces:


Today we are going to mark the pattern on the fabric and cut it. As I told you, you will not need more than 30 minutes, so … let’s go !!!

It is better to cut the pieces in the direction of the grainline. In this way we will prevent the bandana from being deformed by use.


We will start with the long strips, the ones that go from the forehead to the nape of the neck and serve to knot the bandana. You must fold the fabric and place the piece in the crease of the fabric so that the strip is twice as long.


As you can see the fabric is folded in the left part of the photo, so that the right of the fabric (the pretty stamped part that is the one to be seen) remains inside the crease. You can fold the fabric and place the three strips at a time and then mark and cut it. Remember to make a mark on the fold of the fabric in each of the stripsto show you the center of this piece.

Now let’s mark the ovals on the fabric. To do this, we must place the pattern piece on the fabric without bending. Be sure to mark also the notches. At the end of this process we will have an oval and a strip for each kimo-kap. In the photo you will see that there are the necessary pieces to make one by size. 


And that’s all! Tomorrow we will sew these pieces! Remember … if you want to show your “making of” in the social media, you can use the hashtags #kimokapparty #coseconmigosolidario #costurasolidaria #cumpleblog #saraitocosturil and tag us @doctorabotones @marujadasdepeluchona @kimokap



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